Founded in 2006, Vondom is a Valencia-based company which specialises in the design, production and marketing of furniture and indoor and outdoor lighting. In only four years, it has gone from strength to strength. Having started off by launching a range of plant-holders, it has since dreamt up over ten collections by high-profile designers all unveiled at prestigious design fairs in Milan and Paris.

Key to Vondom´s success is the fact that it originates its own exclusive designs in collaboration with world-renowned architects and designers, including Javier Mariscal, Ramón Esteve, JM Ferrero, Karim Rashid and Stefano Giovannoni, the Italian designer closely associated with Alessi.

According to José Albiñana, CEO of Vondom, “While working with designers of worldwide repute, we benefit from their professionalism and attention to detail. Because we need to meet their exacting standards we’re always learning from this and improving what we do. We have happy relationships with them, and this feel-good factor shines through our products.”

“We only collaborate with design studios which share our love of avant-garde design and cutting-edge approach to sustainability, and whose relationship with us is not just based on business but also on friendship,” says Ignacio Ballester, director of research and development at Vondom. “We’re constantly breaking new ground by adding innovative products to our catalogue.”

Underpinning Vondom’s commitment to creating avant-garde designs is an endorsement of the latest technology – in particular rotation-moulding. This manufacturing technique for making mostly hollow items, typically in plastic, allows for greater freedom when it comes to designing products. “We use it to create unique, innovative products which meet the most exacting standards in terms of quality,” says Ballester.

All of Vondom’s products are made of 100 per cent recyclable materials – proof that it wholeheartedly endorses sustainability. “We want to innovate not only in terms of products but by investing in sustainable materials and manufacturing processes,” continues Ballester.

From an aesthetic perspective, Vondom’s products are fresh and funky. Sleek and simple yet sometimes vibrantly pop too, its outdoor furniture is a million miles from the neo-colonial look of so much traditional teak garden furniture. What’s more, its Jut collection of chunky, geometric deckchairs, sofas and tables in white and bougainvillea pink has, says Ballester, broken technological barriers: “It’s the first furniture collection made using rotation-moulding that creates straight lines.” Other pioneering Vondom pieces include Rashid´s playful, undulating high-gloss design Lava – a pendant lamp-cum-bench. Then there’s Mariscal’s blade-shaped, LED standard light Blanca which emits a green, fuchsia or white light.

Vondom is clearly set on having an international presence. In fact, it already sells its products in over 70 countries. In the future, it aims to consolidate its presence in the main countries where it’s already a major player and to expand in those territories where it’s yet to become a leading company. It’s currently investing heavily in the Chinese market where it plans to open showrooms in more than six cities before not too long.

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